Correct use of oxygen generator
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Regarding the correct oxygen therapy of the household oxygen generator, this is not only a problem worthy of attention, but also a problem that we have repeatedly emphasized. In our lives, the correct oxygen therapy using the oxygen concentrator is a good way of life and health care, but it is often that some people use the wrong way inadvertently, which leads to some accidents of oxygen therapy. It is these individual groups of people that have made the argument against oxygen therapy appear in public opinion. In fact, the benefits of oxygen therapy to the human body have been repeatedly clinically verified, and the effect is still worthy of recognition.

Oxygen Concentrator

Therefore, it is necessary to talk to you about the correct use of home oxygen therapy oxygen generators:

(1) Oxygen is best to be inhaled into the human body after humidification, which can reduce the dryness of oxygen and the irritation of the respiratory tract.

(2) Strictly follow the operating procedures of oxygen supply: before using oxygen, turn on the main switch of the oxygen machine, adjust the flow meter, and then insert the nasal catheter; when using oxygen, when the oxygen flow needs to be adjusted, first separate the nasal catheter and then adjust the flow meter, Then connect the nasal cannula; after the oxygen use, first remove the nasal cannula, then turn off the flow meter, turn off the main switch of the oxygen cylinder, turn on the flow meter, release the remaining air, and then turn off the flow meter, so as not to close the flow meter by mistake, a large amount of oxygen enters the respiratory tract, causing lung tissue damage.

(3) Pay attention to the monitoring of oxygen therapy during oxygen use: evaluate whether the symptoms of hypoxia have improved, such as slowing heart rate, rising blood pressure, stable breathing, reduction of cyanosis, improvement of mental state, improvement of arterial blood gas, etc., all indicate improvement of hypoxia symptoms; Evaluate whether the oxygen device leaks and whether it is unobstructed; evaluate whether there are side effects of oxygen therapy.

(4) Prevent cross-infection: The catheters, humidification bottles, masks, etc. in the oxygen therapy device should be replaced regularly, cleaned, and disinfected, and disposable items should be discarded after use.