Choice of atomizer
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There are many different types of atomizers on the market, such as ultrasonic atomizers, compressed air atomizers, and so on. So how to choose a suitable atomizer? I summarized the following methods:

First of all, according to the user’s choice, they are adults and children.
The most important thing for an adult nebulizer is functional efficiency. For example, the mesh structure can improve the efficiency of drug delivery, which can prevent the common waste of drugs in the nebulizer model; when the patient is in an asthma attack, it can accept the drug Speed ​​and efficiency are of the utmost importance; the appearance of this type of atomizer is generally more standard and simple. For babies and children, a quieter nebulizer will form a smoother mist when inhaling medicines, which may be more pleasant and less disturbing; in addition, many pediatric nebulizers have interesting shapes and patterns— —Some are friendly animal shapes, some are bright colors, and children can interact with them while receiving medication.

Adult nebulizer

Secondly, it can be divided into household type and portable type according to the place of use.
Because some patients may travel frequently or need to use the nebulizer multiple times a day, in this case, a fully portable nebulizer, namely a mesh nebulizer, is their best choice. And some patients who do not need to use it outside for a long time at home, just need to buy a household atomizer, this kind of atomizer needs to choose low noise, which can ensure that it will not disturb the neighbors when used at home, and it can be used when you fall asleep. .

Finally, we can also choose a nebulizer according to different conditions (upper, middle or lower respiratory tract).

Generally, the larger particles of the nebulizer can be used in the upper respiratory tract, while the smaller particles can be used in the lower respiratory tract.